An Event… Can Be Described as a Public Assembly for the purpose of celebration, often considered as the most effective and direct tool for any communication. Just because of their Live Presentation, Entertainment Factor and Direct interaction.

Events also end up by having more Impact image on the audience’s mind, helping in the development of a healthy communication between an individual/organization and target audience. With the explosion of media option technology, interactivity, and activation, Lucky musical Entertainment has become the words of communication, and the credit goes to Mr. Lucky Khan

Give me Six Hours to Chop a Tree And I will Spend the First Four Hours in sharping The AXE.

—Mr. Lucky Khan

The Progenitor Organizer…

Mr. Lucky Khan the Organiser of this event, Established in 2002.


Lucky Musical Entertainment has emerged as one of the best reputed global events & Entertainment Company.


We Created Brand Events, with a touch of magic and dance, to inspire and transform’s our personal attention during the time of planning and coordination of event which makes sure that all events are organized Smoothly.

The force Backbone for the success of Lucky Musical Entertainment is because of the founder director [Mr. Lucky Khan] who have individually managed this group and make this group the First Choice for the people celebration event and brought this group to ma unique level.